Day 1: Freebies & Robberies

September 2, 2014 -- Day 1: Freebies & Robberies

Yes, it's true. Day 1 in San Francisco, and my passenger side windshield gets bashed in with $150 in cash looted and my quarters stolen ( laundromat money)! What's worse, they stole our keys to the skybox on the roof, so now we can't get our crashpad out. Luckily for us, nothing else was touched aside from whatever was in the glove compartment. They even left Jerry's set of keys on the seat (maybe these thieves have hearts). 

Obligatory message to Mother: Don't worry about us. Jerry fights professionally and will Muay Thai kick the next thief into the ground. And we both climb so if fighting doesn't work, we can hide in the trees 'til they're gone. 

Cleaning out the glass. Calloused climber hands mean no scratches!

But I must say, the psyche is still high and it's pretty exciting to think what else is in store for us on the road. Just looking at today alone, this trip is already amazing. First of all, it feels good to be out of that SoCal bubble. Even better, I was able to catch up with Sam and Chris and met Steph & Alexa along the way. We grabbed tons of avocados and corn at a farmers market for $4, hung out at Dropbox HQ (unreal, btw) where we got free dinner, and ended the night exploring the night scene. I almost feel like we saved enough money to compensate for the money lost. 

The farmer's market where we got 7 avocados for $1, 5 sweet corn for $1, and a bunch of onions and garlic for $2, totalling out to $4...what!

Dropbox HQ

We'll have to replace our window tomorrow, which will significantly cut into funds, but we should still be able to have cash leftover in the end. We're planning on living very simply and well within our means-our only major expenses being food and gas...and windows every now and again. 

P.S. today was just a phone shot day. Sorry for the lame-o photos.