Day 2-6: Smith Rock

We've finally made it to Smith Rocks, home to some of the best climbing on this side of America. Jerry and I are by no means rope climbing aficionados, so we decided to spend a few days adjusting to the rock by climbing easier routes. Our slow mornings and afternoons meant we had a lot of free time; the result was a large handful of new friendships forged as we conversed with local climbers and fellow road journey-ers. 

Before I show some images from Smith, let me first get our San Francisco portion out of the way. Sam Jau graciously hosted us at his place and I was beyond excited to see him again. I'm proud of where he's at and he seems to be doing really well in post-grad life. Chris Kim spent time with us as well and this dude is a man's man. He showed us local bouldering spots and bought us the best tri-tip brazilian steak sandwiches at Biergarten in Berkeley. Thanks to the both of you (and all the friends we met) who made our time in SF so rad, despite the burglary...

Now on to Smith Rocks! Out here, we've found a place that's incredibly peaceful and full of great people. We've met folks like Mikey and Kacey who are also on the road traveling our reverse path. Nathan and Christine invited us over to hang out at the place they're crashing at in Terrebonne, so we naturally took their offer. FourPaws and Audrey have a pet dog named Nature; FourPaws is a magician, vagabond, and probably not even a real person because he's that rad. We met folks like Nate who was a former regular at Rockreation Costa Mesa, Michi who owns a sushi shop in Bend, and tons of other great folks (and their dogs) out in the crag. This place feels like home, but tonight is our last night and we've gotta hit the road. Next stop is Bend, then Portland after. Seattle and Leavenworth will likely come after next weekend. 

I don't know when the next time we'll be in a WiFi equipped coffeeshop, so here's a list of must-dos if you ever venture out to Terrebonne:

  1. Meet locals and enjoy your conversations. People are amazing.

  2. Go to Redpoint for Coffee, Beer, and Climbing Gear (and wifi!)

  3. Thriftway is the closest spot for groceries and other goods you might need. 5 min from the crag.

  4. Pet a dog then talk to the owner. He's probably rad.

  5. There's nothing else to do in Terrebonne. Climb at Smith then head to Bend when you finish this list.

Until next time. 

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