A collection of recent works


Tectonic Coffee

Lead Marketer, Graphic Designer & Photographer, Head of Sales
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator

The Goal:

Tectonic’s exclusive partnerships often included custom-branded packaging. I was tasked with leading the charge on developing designs that represented the partnered brand, yet still upheld the quality standards and minimal aesthetic of Tectonic Coffee.

My Role:

As the lead for all visual materials development, I created materials for web & print ads in line with the company’s brand guidelines. From mock-up to final design, I regularly created templates for custom-branded packaging, illustrated posters for national competitions hosted by Tectonic, and photographed the final products for marketing purposes.


Consultation & Discovery > Brand Asset Acquisition > Concept & Mockup > Final Design


Sender One Climbing

UI/UX Website Consultant
Software: Adobe Suite, Wordpress & Plug-ins, RockGymPro,

The Goal:

Sender One’s goal is to take their existing website and optimize it for quick information retrieval. In its prior state, customers described difficulty in locating key business information and was often cited as the cause for lost conversions.

My Role:

I am currently leading the re-design of SenderOneClimbing.com to create a simplified experience catered toward the Southern California target demographic. Holding to budgetary constraints, a full re-haul of the website was decided against and instead, I have developed simplified navigation structures and a cleaner UI experience all inspired by simple surveys & user research I gathered before presenting my proposals.

The Result:

Though the project is still underway, I have optimized large-scale infrastructure including navigation and home page layouts. By presenting the incoming customer with a vibrant landing page and clearly titled buttons, my client has reported reduced email traffic for commonly asked questions (e.g. hours & directions).



Graphic Designer, UI/UX Contractor
Softare: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop

The Goal:

Fanflix’s product requires ease-of-use at enterprise-level operations. The UI needs to allow for a wide array of visual styles (e.g. movie posters) while maintaining a simple, responsive design with mobile as the primary mode of interaction.

My Role:

As a consulting designer providing wireframes to developers, I regularly interpret briefs into the simplified mobile/desktop Fanflix interface. The prototypes I’ve developed have been used in sales meetings that have led to partnerships with major movie studios, securing Fanflix’s position as one of the first direct-to-consumer options for these studios.