Day 34-45: Colorado to Utah to Nevada to...California!

Whew. It's been a long while since the last update, but a lot has happened, many miles have been traveled, an many climbs have been sent. From Colorado, we went to Moab and Arches, then trekked to Joe's Valley, sped down to Las Vegas, and now we're happily posted up in Bishop, CA. We've been in constant motion, and everyday felt like a new place, but now we're finally home in California and we don't have to take our tent down for two weeks! 

I don't have many photos of the past week or two (which is why I didn't blog), and I think the main reason is I'd been too absorbed in enjoying life to the point where taking pictures got in the way of living. We're on our last leg of the trip with only two weeks left, so expect even less photos, but hopefully you'll be hearing about new climbs ascended, friendships forged, and beautiful sights seen-as usual. 

Also, we ran into Jess and Andy Wickstrom of Design Egg! Their non-profit Kickstarter adventure is taking them around the US in a Scamp trailer while they provide non-profit graphic design services! And...Andy was the senior designer for Intelligentsia! What! It was definitely a pleasure meeting you two. Best of luck on your adventure!


So now we're here in Bishop. California. Desert. It's hot, but it's home and we're psyched to be back!

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