Day 26-33: Soloing the Flatirons, Getting Lost in a Cloud, & Kenny Duong!

It's been a while since the last post. Maybe we've just been having too much fun...or maybe I'm just lazy. After hanging out with Megan in Montana, we headed south to Wyoming where we spent a bit of time in Yellowstone. All along the 7 hour drive, painted mountains smeared past, clouds dropped the occasional shower, and I was able to catch up on all my podcasts. 

After Yellowstone, we'd hoped to spend a day in Grand Teton National Park, but the weather forced us further south. Our campsite was supposed to have the perfect view of the Teton range, but all we saw was more grey. So, to Vedauwoo we went. 

Vedauwoo is the Joshua Tree of Wyoming. The rocks look alien, and something about the place is strangely spooky. Leaving the tent to pee under creepy trees swaying in 35mph gusts is not ideal, but it's definitely an experience. Our plan here was to climb for at least a few days, but yet again, Weather Channel lied to us and we were snowed out within an hour. So, to Colorado we went. 

We first stopped in Fort Collins for coffee and a quick walking tour of the downtown area. There are lots of places I'd like to return to. Bean Cycle is a sweet coffee shop with a bookstore in rear (definitely had to pick up some beans). There's the Gear Garage where we found tons of great used outdoor gear, and a cheese shop that was closed by the time we arrived. 

That same night, we made our way to Kenny Duong's place in Lafayette, CO, just minutes from Boulder. The guy hosted us on extremely late notice and has been feeding us abundantly, showed us his huge collection of gear, and took us to Shelf Road for a solid weekend of climbing. On our first full day with him, Kenny even got us to do our first 1000-foot free solo up the Flatirons here in Boulder, CO. You can also thank him for a lot of the climbing photos near the end of this post. He free soloed a climb with my camera around his neck, snapped photos, then rappelled down. What a guy.

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