Day 23-25: Glacier National Park & Flathead Lake

Megan finally had some time off on Saturday so she, Jerry, and I made our way northward three hours to Glacier National Park. We arrived just as trees began to yellow, as fall clouds breathed their way through the mountain. As the car rolled on, so too did the clouds roll over head. Even under a thick grey blanket, the greens and yellows of the park zoomed vividly past us. 

Going to the Sun Rd. takes you higher in elevation (nice), and the grey blanket above us drew ever closer. Soon, we were breathing the same air the mountain was breathing, inhaling cloud and exhaling whispers of awe. We'd take five deep breaths with our eyes closed and open them to the grandness of the sights around us; from our mouths would slip the occasional "ooh" or "wow." 

Unfortunately, the latter half of the road was closed, so we turned around and made our way back the way we came. This led us to a small lake along the river where we skipped rocks and admired the deep teal blues of the water. Only hours before, we'd been at Flathead Lake skipping rocks so by then our arms were tired.


The world feels a little big larger here in Montana where we're surrounded by vast expanses of nature we hardly get to encounter back in California. Jerry and I have been fortunate to have friends host us along the entire journey thus far. We're going on night three here in Montana and we'll have to head out soon if we want to make it to Bishop by mid-late October. 

For now, enjoy these postcards from Montana and keep a sharp eye out for a few moving images along the way. I've placed a few in here and there. 

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