Day 22: Rainy Days & Missoula.

We woke up to the clouds rolling through the mountainside like fingers running through hair-strangely comforting. Then the clouds would billow, lifting higher and lighter as rain came down onto our tent as well as inside it. Sleeping bags soaked, book pages moistened, and rainbow sandals a bit too cold to put on yet. We stayed inside the tent for a little while longer.

Miriam's been holding up well despite the weather (Miriam is my car). She's a little old granny, but she's quite the fighter. She's endured high winds, downpours, and we just drove another 6 hours east, stopping only briefly in Coeur d'Alene, ID, a quaint little town that I'd like to explore further one day. But that was for another time; we wanted to eat dinner so onward to Montana we went. 

Out here in Missoula, MT we met up with Megan Boykoff, a friend of mine who's out here working as a television reporter and killing it! She and I went to Guatemala back in February with our Advanced Reporting class and she got her new gig in Montana just in time for our arrival. 

Pro Tip: If you ever find yourself out here, head to Dinosaur Cafe and grab a Cajun Catfish Po'Boy for $8 and you'll be one happy camper.

Mom: I'm doing well! We're well fed and not freezing yet (that will probably happen in Colorado). I'm also currently wearing your campaign shirt. It's really comfortable, by the way. #youngkimforAD65 

'Til next time, folks. 

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