Day 20-21: Sending Pimpsqueak in the Rain and Jumping off Cliffs

The last two days were pretty mellow. It was our rest day so Jerry and I decided to jump off a 15-20 foot cliff into the river below (photos later in the post)! The water was so cold it cleared our sinuses as soon as we hit the water.

I found the cliff jump thanks to two local climb-establishers I met the day before while trying to wash my laundry in the river. They told me about a deep water solo, roughly .10D, and showed me where we could run off the cliff without bashing our heads on the rocks below. Then, I played fetch with their dog (there's a photo on my Instagram). 

Last night we went to bed early after meeting our German friend, Matze Bär, in the Forestlands parking lot. We were all psyched on climbing Pimpsqueak so we decided to get a session in early around 7am. Matt is STRONG. This guy was practicing the same hard crux move at least 20 times and then gave it a full go from the start after. In the rain. 

Anyway, back to last night. Unfortunately mid-slumber, we were rained on and had to head into the car for the last three hours of sleep. Luckily, the interruption didn't affect my climbing and I managed to send Pimpsqueak, nabbing me my first v9 climb. 

If we're not climbing, we're meeting great people, reading books, or entertaining each other with terrible accents and songs. Living on the road is simple, but every moment feels like we're truly alive. 

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