Day 13-16: Portland, Seattle (Deacon), Leavenworth

Two days in Portland, and too poor to enjoy it fully. This is one of my favorite towns, but I'm too afraid to spend money when I've got more than a month and a half left in this trip. Coffee, however, will always be the exception. So, one of our first stops in Portland was at Stumptown Coffee Roasters where I picked up a bag of coffee for the road and a cup of cold brew. For breakfast today, we went to Coava Coffee on the east side of Portland. 

I didn't take too many photos out here (spent most of my time reading a bunch of books I picked up at Powell's). 

Hans joined up with us for our adventures up here in the PNW and it was definitely great having him....and his dog. More importantly his dog. 

Just kidding. Thanks Hans for driving us around and hosting us in your hotel rooms. You da man. "1, 2, 5, 5, 7.... Let me grab a pen"


Days 15 and 16 were spent in Seattle and Leavenworth. Rach Depaoli came up to Portland and we all met up in Seattle.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with DC, Jane, and Deacon. They graciously hosted me at their place (Jerry and I regrouped in Seattle) and it's been great seeing them again. Jane was at work for most of the day, so DC, Deacon and I went to Issaquah Cafe for breakfast then Issaquah Coffee Company for some coffee afterwards. Deacon is quite the runner and got his head stuck in a fence so we decided to head back to their place. 

Now, Jerry and I are in Leavenworth, a crazy Bavarian-themed tourist town with loads of bouldering opportunities surrounding it. We're planning on spending a full week here to sample as much as we can. So far, so good. 

The first half of the photos are from Seattle/Leavenworth and I've tacked on some phone photos from my time in Portland. 

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