Day 12: Tantrums, Hiking, and Ice Cream along the Hood River

Sydney is my best friend. She's a little over a year old and likes to dance. She'll answer the phone, jump off things randomly (hopefully you've got quick reflexes to catch her), and she eats everything. Sometimes she sits on my lap and types on my kEYybooard asas y 88888asf 81hnelsdfjjklf.yyyy

Our day began with an exploratory hike in search of the elusive Cascade Boulders area allegedly found along the Gorge. Everything in this area was mossy and grown over, and the directions on Mountain Project for finding the climbing spots was worthless. So, no climbing today. We celebrated our failure by heading back to the Hood River for get ice cream and coffee. Now we've just eaten a great take-out thai dinner and I've got Kodak sleeping at my feet.

Today was Jerry and my last day with this fambam and tomorrow, we're heading out to Portland with Hans and Kodak to tear the city up. But for now, here are a bunch of cute baby photos for you to die over. 

A message from Sydney: "UUUyy y yy 001dma3."

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