Day 7-8: Bend, Oregon

We didn't expect to stay in Oregon for so long. Three days in Smith turned into four or five; one day in Bend turned into three. It's partially due to the incredible beauty Oregon has to offer, but more so the fact that we've met locals and fellow travelers who've made our stay worthwhile. The first image of this set is of Jerry with our friends we hung out with at the Bivy in Smith Rock, Nathan, Michael, Mikey, and Kacey. Nathan is actually from SoCal and used to be a regular down at Rockreation Costa Mesa (he says hello to all the Rockreation folks). 

Now we're out here in Bend using the WiFi in a laundromat while we wait for Nathan to get off work at 2pm. He and Christine have been showing us the local bouldering spots including Widgi Creek, The Depot, and today we're headed to Meadow Creek. Many of these sites are only 15 minutes from Bend and are just off the side of the river, so the ambience in these places is amazing. Surrounded by lush green forests and muffled by the sound of a rolling river, you could go out to climb but find yourself sitting and hanging out for hours instead.

There's the beep, time to fold some clothes. 

Final thoughts: Nathan and Christine have been trying to convince us to move to Bend, and they're doing a good job of it. After spending lazy days slacklining, admiring the surrounding natural landscapes, and being on the receiving end of Bendite hospitality, it's kind of hard to say no. 

Only two days here and we've learned to rig slacklines on our own, we've stopped by breweries and filled growlers for $7, met Michi who let us stay at her place AND even served us sushi at her restaurant called Juno (highly recommended, by the way). We've sampled the climbing areas, crushed v7s like Ginsu Knife, slapped and sloped down on Captain America v5, and squeezed our way up refrigerator-sized compression problems I'm sure are at least v5 as well. 

If I don't ever come home, Bend is probably where you can find me. 

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